The manufactoring of high quality spice blends and chemical-biological additives for the food processing requires the definition of highest quality standards for the complete production process. Our quality management is working strictly according to the regulations of HACCP. For consumer protection this includes a strict reception control of raw materials, optimal warehousing, controlled processing of raw materials, efficient hygiene of firm and personnel as well as cleaning and disinfection of all areas, a management to avoid infestations by pests and regular training activities.

Beste Rohstoffe 2Best conditions due to best raw materials
We choose our suppliers very careful and selective, The material management requires a close cooperation with suppliers of high-quality raw materials, primarily raw spices out of the worldwide best growing areas. The required quality of raw materials is defined and controlled by us. In addition we demand for certificates of analysis at our suppliers for all raw materials.

LaborkontrolleStrict control, careful processing
All incoming goods are subject of a  strict control procedure according to determined quality control plans. This includes sensory, microbiological, chemical and physical tests. Only if the goods have passed this quality control, the raw materials receive approval for processing. To save the valuable oils of the raw spices as far as possible, we use a cool grinding method. This procedure is called "Nubafrost-cool-grinding-method".

LagerOptimal stockkeeping
Raw materials as well as intermediate- and endproducts are stored according to their requirements. This is effected according to requirements in a dry- cool- or freezing stores. According to determined regulations the conditions are checked continuously.

LaborglasEffectiveness, hygiene and traceability in the production process
With  obligatory analytical and sensory controls of the several  production steps the production process is obeserved permanently. The results become recorded, documented and held. The production planning and – control  are effected on IT base. Retain samples of the particular production steps and a constant documentation of the production steps for each batch allow a complete traceability of the products from goods receipt to despatch.

Beutel03085Perfect protection by the use of high quality packaging
We primarily use high quality alu-safety-bags as packaging for our products. The used aluminium combination material combines a lot of advantages. The bags have an optimal protection against light and water vapor and prevent so  losses in flavor. Also our other trading units meet highest requirements.

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