Nubassa sees itself as a „partner for safety and success“ of its customers and provides with this high implementated quality sstandards the best possible security in the food production, and holistic alignment of processes to customer requirements. So we meet exemplary the constantly increasing requirements of the global market.


IFS deutsch 283x400IFS englisch 283x400We have passed the IFS Food certification at "Higher Level".
The IFS Food-Standard is a by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) accepted standard for the auditing of food manufacturers. This certificate is especially important within the food industry, as it guarantees quality at the highest level for food manufacturers and as well for consumers.
We were evaluated by the auditors of TÜV Süd in the fields company responsibility, quality and product safety management, resources management and food defense and it was certified, that we work at highest level in all company fields. Our company philosophy was confirmed therewith, because we have always supplied our customers with continuous excellent qualities.
Also comprehensive consulting service, introduction of new technologies and product innovations are among our key success factors.

01 ISO 9001 2015 Zertifikat 283x40002 ISO 9001 2015 Schedule 283x400ISO 9001:2015
Nubassa Gewürzwerk is certified according to the national and international accepted ISO 9001:2015. This Quality Management System integrates the HACCP system and is basis of a process-optimized Quality Management and a continuous improvement process, which meet customer requirements of product- and service quality management.

01 ISO 22000 2005 Zertifikat 283x40002 ISO 22000 2005 Schedule 283x400ISO 22000:2005
Since 2009, as the first german spice company, Nubassa is certified for the meat- and food processing for the divisions: development, production and sales of spices, spice specialties, flavors, marinades and additives according to ISO 22000:2005. This worldwide accepted certification defines the requirements of management systems for food safety. The standard was developed in order to harmonize the certification of food safety at the worldwide highest level. It has many similarities to the standards IFS and BRC, and includes all the demands of an effective HACCP concept with preventive programs and in-depth process monitoring.

Halal 2020 1Halal 2020 2Halal 2020 3 HALAL
The Nubassa Gewürzwerk manufactures a big range of HALAL-certified products. The certification guarantees the production, storage and packaging of the products in compliance with Islamic religious dietary requirements and take place annually by a qualified testing of ingredients and a tour of the production facilities. Gladly we can certify other products on request.

KF certificate Nubassa 29 10 2020 01KF certificate Nubassa 29 10 2020 02 KOSHER
The Nubassa Gewürzwerk also produces a big range of kosher-certified products that comply with Jewish dietary laws. The certification takes place annually by a qualified testing of ingredients and a tour of the production facilities. Gladly we can certify other products on request.

Since March 2019 Nubassa is certified according to the guidelines of the CU-RSPO SCC-863191. This guarantees a secure, comprehensible and credible proof of a sustainable manufacturing process of the respective products. Nubassa has been a member of the RSPO since 2015 and sources palm oil exclusively from suppliers who are also members and certified. RSPO was established in 2004 by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and strives that in the production of palm oil voluntarily more is done for conservation and human rights, as required by law.These include inter alia: The absence of grubbing primary forests and ecologically valuable forest areas, the protection of endangered animal and plant species on the plantations, the fight against child labor, the integration and support of small farmers. By this decision the company makes an important contribution to nature and humanity.

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