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The Nubassa Gewürzwerk GmbH is a German, family owned company that manufactures all technological and flavoring products necessary for meat processing and sausage production. The production range includes more than 5,000 products: Spices, spice mixes, marinades, additives, flavorings, technology compounds, barbecue oils, quality additives, starter cultures and much more. Kosher- and Halal-certified products are also included.

The company headquarters is located in southern Hesse, in Viernheim. Through exclusive partners and direct customers, the spice producer is represented worldwide which is why we are present at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 Event aswell!

Looking for more informations? Below you can find all details and more regarding our selected products for Gulfood Manufacturing 2022.


Out of respect for our beloved muslim customers we expand our Halal products regularly. Not only that.. We also include tons of Kosher, Vegan and Vegetarian options to make sure you will find something to your taste and lifestyle.

Mediterranean cuisine is known as one of the most flavorful throughout the world. This is in part because of the use of flavorful spices instead of salt and pepper. With our wide range of kebab sortiment, seasonings, quality additives and compounds, we simplify your kebab and doner kebab production. Doner kebab has become a popular dish around the world. The consumer expects a product with an appetizing colour, optimum juiciness and perfect seasoning.

Our extensive range of technological auxiliaries and aromas:

• freshness-preserving agents
• emulsifiers
• gelatins
• flavor enhancers
• food colourings 
• reddening agents
• thickeners
• cutter agents
• starter cultures
• dipping masses

Appearance, texture and flavour are the three main challenges food scientists face when developing a great meat dish. These are what give meat its characteristics and essence.

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