Celebrating 90 Years!

The Nubassa Gewürzwerk GmbH is a German, family owned company that manufactures all technological and flavoring products necessary for meat processing and sausage production. The production range includes more than 5,000 products: Spices, spice mixes, marinades, additives, flavorings, technology compounds, barbecue oils, quality additives, starter cultures and much more. Kosher- and Halal-certified products are also included.

The company headquarters is located in southern Hesse, in Viernheim. Through exclusive partners and direct customers, the spice producer is represented worldwide which is why we are present at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 Event aswell!


In the ever-evolving world of the spice industry, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Nubassa is your trusted partner in spice technology. We bring you innovative solutions that redefine the way you process and distribute spices, enabling you to meet the demands of a dynamic market and unlock new opportunities for growth.


At Nubassa, we understand the challenges faced by spice businesses in terms of production efficiency and consistency. Our technological spiceblends streamline your operations, optimizing productivity and ensuring the highest quality standards. From herbs and spices to additives and colouring agents, our innovative solutions are designed to enhance your processes, reduce waste, and maximize yield, ultimately boosting your bottom line.


Our halal certified products hold immense importance for Muslim consumers who strive to uphold their religious obligations in their daily lives. These products not only meet the strict halal requirements but also provide peace of mind, knowing that they are backed by reputable certification bodies. With the increasing availability and variety of halal certified products, individuals can make informed choices while embracing their faith, dietary needs, and cultural preferences.


Teufli (Devil's) Sausage CL/AF

Raw Sausage Sucuk CL/AF

Universa Spice Mix CL

Basterma Coating CL/AF

The Mediterranean region is renowned for its vibrant and flavorful cuisine, which is heavily influenced by the bountiful herbs and spices that thrive in its sun-drenched lands. From the shores of Greece and Italy to the coasts of Morocco and Lebanon, Mediterranean spices play a central role in creating the distinct and tantalizing flavors that define this culinary tradition.

Traditional Dishes

Adana Pikant

Spicy seasoning with paprika, onions, chili and cumin for oriental minced meat products.

Without the addition of: gluten, lactose, milk protein, artificial colors, artificial preservatives.

Döner Universal

Spicy, universal seasoning salt with paprika, cumin, curry and fine herbs for doner kebabs and oriental pan dishes.

Without E numbers. Without the addition of: flavor enhancers, gluten, lactose, milk protein, artificial colors, artificial preservatives.


Red seasoning with paprika, chili, pepper and cumin for oriental minced meat products.

This product is halal and kosher.

These components in the production of meat and sausage products play an important role in ensuring the quality, safety and shelf life of meat and sausage products. Although the additives used by Nubassa are approved and considered harmless, we strictly adhere to the Quantum Satis dosage. As much as technologically necessary, as little as possible! This is how we ensure that only appetizing sausage and meat products are served with Nubassa products. Enjoyment without compromise. Furthermore, we have developed numerous products for the production of meat and sausage products especially for nutrition-conscious customers and consumers, which enable production without loss of quality but with a higher enjoyment value and largely or completely dispense with auxiliary substances and additives.


Our extensive range of technological auxiliaries and aromas:

• freshness-preserving agents
• emulsifiers
• gelatins
• flavor enhancers
• food colourings 
• reddening agents
• thickeners
• cutter agents
• starter cultures
• dipping masses

Quality is the cornerstone of success in the spice industry. At Nubassa, we prioritize the preservation of spice quality throughout the supply chain. Our cutting-edge quality control technologies ensure that your spices meet the highest industry standards. From advanced sorting and inspection systems to sophisticated laboratory equipment, we empower you to deliver consistent and superior products that will earn the trust and loyalty of your customers.

As a leading spice technology company, we are committed to continuous innovation. Our dedicated team of experts is at the forefront of research and development, exploring new frontiers in spice processing, product development, and market trends. By partnering with Nubassa, you gain access to the latest advancements in spice technology, helping you stay ahead of the competition and capture new market opportunities.

We believe in collaborative partnerships that foster growth and success. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to understand your unique business requirements, providing personalized solutions that cater to your specific needs. We offer comprehensive support, from the initial consultation to application of our spice products. With Nubassa as your trusted partner, you can confidently navigate the spice industry landscape and achieve your business objectives.


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E-mail: export@nubassa.de